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Collection Development Policy

Snow Canyon High School
Collection Development Policy


Snow Canyon High School Mission Statement

To establish a collaborative learning community in which students acquire the essential knowledge, skills, and character to become independent life-long learners and contributors to their world community.


Snow Canyon High School Media Center Mission Statement

To encourage, promote, and assist students and teachers in becoming effective and discriminating users of ideas and information, and to foster the use of a library for lifelong learning.



This policy is a statement of the guidelines used by the Snow Canyon High School library media center to guide those involved in the selection of materials to be usedin the library media center; and to give the public access to the process used in the selection of materials.


Intellectual Freedom

The library media center supports principles of intellectual freedom inherent in the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States. In doing so,  it does not add or withdraw from the request of any individual or group for materials that have been chosen or excluded by the Media Specialist. The library media center follows the guidelines established by the Washington County School District, Review of Instructional Media Policy 4220, http://www2.washk12.org/policy/4000/4220_review_of_instruction.htm



Snow Canyon High School will make every effort to allow access to all students, parents and faculty members regardless of race, religion, disability, or economic standing. The library media center will open at 7:40 am and remain open until 3:30 pm. All patrons are given access to print and non-print materials. These include the latest technologies funding will allow such as the internet, e-readers, multimedia equipment and software, and online resources: pioneer, untied streaming, novellist, and Star Reader.



The Patrons of Snow Canyon High School library media center includes students from grades nine through twelve, faculty, and parents of the community. While the majority of patrons are Caucasian and the predominant religion is LDS there is an increase in cultural, economic and religious diversity within the population.


Scope of the Collection

The collection development is influenced by the curriculum of Snow Canyon High School, which follows the core standards and objectives of the Utah State Office of Education. Additional guidelines that influence the curriculum at a local level are also taken into consideration in the development of the collection.

Collection Development

The acquisition of Snow Canyon High School’s collection is the function of the Media Specialist. Collection development refers to the process of building and maintaining the complete collection, in both print and non-print. This includes computers, software and online databases. The collection is targeted to the local community. Materials are reviewed as a whole, not by a particular section. Materials will not be incorporated into the collection or disqualified because of nationality, race, religion, or views of the author.

Gifts and Donations

Gifts can be added to the collection after the items have been evaluated and determined they meet the criteria for selection. The Media Specialist has the right to determine whether or not the items will be added to the collection.

Weeding and Maintenance

Weeding of materials is vital to keep the library collection academically useful. Weeding means the removal of worn out, aged, inaccurate materials as well as outdated equipment. It is the responsibility of the Media Specialist to maintain the quality of the collection by the continual process of weeding.