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Our Mission

To establish a collaborative learning community in which students acquire the essential knowledge, skills, and character to become independent life-long learners and contributors to their world community.


Desired Results for Student Learning
A Critical Thinker, capable of applying academic skills toward becoming a life-long learner and problem-solver.
A socially responsible person who demonstrates absolute accountability and integrity.
An Effective Communicator who actively listens, respects and appreciates the diversity of others, and expresses thoughts and ideas with clarity and purpose.
A Productive citizen who demonstrates a strong work ethic, effectively adapting to an evolving global workplace.

Upcoming Events 2016-2017

  • February 11th - ACT 
  • February 18th - Preference Dance
  • February 28th - ACT for all Juniors 
  • March 3rd, 4th, 6th, and 7th  - Play in Little Theatre
  • March 8th - Exec Primary Elections
  • March 13th - 17th - Spring Break
  • March 21st - Exec Final Elections
  • March 27th - 31th - BOTS Week
  • March  TBA - Eshelle Review 7pm in Big Gym
  • March 24th -  Class Primary Elections
  • April 6th - Class Final Elections
  • April 8th - ACT
  • April 14th - No School
  • April 22th - Senior Ball
  • May 17th Senior Sluff
  • May 17th Paint Party
  • May 15th -19th - WARRIOR WEEK
  • May 23th - Graduation
  • May 24th - LAST DAY OF SCHOOL