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2017-18 Info

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Battle of the Bands

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Art Contest

Participating in reflections is a great way for students to explore and learn about various art forms. Artistic exploration and expression enhance and develop intellectual, social, and physical skills. Creating art is a valuable and fun learning experience. Cash prizes will be awarded to top entries in each categories. Entry forms and category information is in the office.


Within Reach...

Due Date: Wednesday, October 25th by 8:15am.

Questions: Rebecca Dawson – 435-668-7536


Links to new forms:

Reflections Entry Form: http://www.utahpta.org/files/docs/17-18%20Reflections%20Student%20Entry%20Form.pdf

Reflections Consent Form: http://www.utahpta.org/files/docs/17-18%20Reflections%20Consent%20Form.pdf

Consent Form Guidelines: http://www.utahpta.org/files/docs/17-18%20Reflections%20Consent%20Form%20Guidelines.pdf


The value of PTA and why your school should be a part of it

Who we are--

  • PTA is the largest volunteer voice for child advocacy in the State of Utah and America

What we do--

  • Provide leadership training
    • Leadership Convention
    • Utah PTA handbook provided
    • Local leaders provide training and support
    • Meet monthly to share ideas and solve issues
    • Financial training provided
  • Advocate for children
    • Information on current issues affecting children and families
    • Member-to-Member network
    • Representation on capitol hill during legislative session
    • Oversight of School Trust Lands
  • PTA programs
    • PTSA involves students in their local school PTA’s
    • Reflections
    • PTA Three for Me
    • PTA Take Your Family to School Week
    • Teacher Appreciation Week
    • Battle of the Bands
    • Gold Medal Schools
    • Hope for Tomorrow
    • McGruff House
    • Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Week
  • Awards and Grants
    • PTA/KUED Golden Apple Awards
    • Outstanding School Administrator Award
    • Spirit of PTA Award, Advocacy Involvement and Development Award
    • Arts Education Grants
    • Healthy Lifestyles Grants

Why have a PTA?

  • The number one reason to have a PTA is to benefit your child
  • Help your school
  • Get connected to what’s happening in your school
  • Discover great resources through the variety of programs offered
  • Tap into a network of parents and teachers to share ideas, concerns and experiences
  • Speak up with your suggestions to bring about change at your child’s school
  • Witness improvement by getting involved
  • Be a role model for your children

Washington County School District – Region 20 PTA


What does the Region 20 PTA provide that I can’t get with another organization?

  • Leadership Training
    • Local leadership training provided monthly
      • Specific and direct instruction provided for presidents regularly
      • Local contact person to get questions answered quickly
    • Local financial training
      • Specific and direct instruction provided for treasurers
      • Helps PTA’s to maintain accurate records
      • Helps PTA’s to submit for sales tax refunds
      • Helps PTA’s to fill our proper IRS forms
      • Helps PTA’s to protect their non-profit status
      • Helps PTA’s through IRS audits
      • Helps PTA’s with checks and balances to prevent fraudulent expenditures
    • Local training for every position
    • Support with issues and concerns
    • Representation provided at local school board meetings
  • Collaboration
    • We are a Professional Learning Community (PLC) District and the PTA participates in that model of collaboration
    • 32 schools in the district have a PTA and meet together monthly
    • Ideas are shared, concerns are expressed, information is passed along
    • District representation at meetings to answer questions and provide information
    • District looks to PTA’s to help on committees
    • District looks to PTA’s to provide input in decisions
    • District looks to PTA’s to get information out to the schools
    • District looks to PTA’s  be a voice for the community
  • Membership
    • Each PTA charges a membership fee to join
    • You DO NOT have to join to be a volunteer
    • Every person is welcome in the school regardless of if they joined PTA or not
    • Membership fees cover the expense of printed materials
    • Membership fees cover the expense of 2 paid PTA employees in the State of Utah, everyone else is a volunteer
    • Membership fees cover the costs associated with being a non-profit organization (to set up a non-profit the cost is $850)
    • Membership fees cover the costs associated with collecting money from individuals or companies (a Charitable Solicitation permit requires a yearly fee of $175)
    • Membership fees cover the costs associated with filing Articles of Incorporation (to set up Articles of Incorporation it costs $22)
    • Membership fees cover the costs associated with filing yearly financial reports to maintain non-profit status with the IRS