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Student Life - Warrior Family - opening video 2017

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Warrior Family - opening video 2017


In 1994, a school was born, and with that a legacy. I am proud to unveil that same legacy as a school theme. Although each of our school themes have promoted great qualities within our student body, none more so than the idea of a Warrior Family. If we have so much power and passion as individuals, imagine how strong we are united as a family.


When choosing this theme, we wanted to make school feel like more than a school; we want it to feel like a home. A place where students feel like they belong, where they can get involved, where they are at home. This past week, I have asked several students what warrior family means to them. This is what seniors Hailey Hansen and Aubrey Griffin had to say, “Family is some people that you can have fun with no matter where you are and no matter how terrible things are. People who you can’t wait to come back home to in 10,20,30 years and pick back up right where we left off.” This is what the warrior family stands for. No matter if we are taking an AP test or working through an all-nighter homework session, we as a warrior family are still able to have fun together.


As a family, we boast over 100 region championships and over twenty state championships. As a family, we are able to earn millions of dollars in scholarships each year. As a family, we put on productions that mesmerize thousands.  As a family, we are able to raise thousands of dollars for those in need each year. As a family, we are able to create traditions that last through decades. As a family, we can truly represent the Gold, Green, and Blue.


Being part of a warrior family, means that we work together, not only to better ourselves, but better the entire student body. Whether you’re helping a classmate with homework after school, or helping a teammate on the practice field, being a part of a family means you have a responsibility to your peers. This year I challenge you all to empower those around you to reach their full potential.


We are constantly told that high school is temporary, and that we need to make the most of the time that we have. And we should, but we oftentimes forget the importance of the relationships that we create in high school. We will forever have the memories and friendships that we are creating today. We will always be bonded because of our warrior heritage. Once you’re a part of the warrior family, you are always a part of the warrior family.


Because we are One School. One Team. One Mind. One Talent. One Heart. One Family.

We are family. The Warrior Family.

-- Fariba Mahmud


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